I belong to a somewhat different tribe:

Calling all misfits, tin pot annies and rapscallions.
This book is for you. 

Limited edition print of 20: "I belong to a somewhat different tribe" art book
My illustrations and collages printed onto archival 192gsm paper, hand stitched and bound by moi.


If you do please drop me a line at emmaparkerartist@gmail.com

Cost £40 plus p&p


Art on the hill:

Massive thanks to the lovely folks over at Kettle Pot Tracks for featuring my work on Art On The Hill, I am really honoured to be featured alongside some really inspiring artists. 
Please do check them out over here.


Once upon a time I had a dream about a crow that was dying. 
No matter what I tried to do to help the crow I made it more sick.
In despair I held the crow against my heart and I felt a warmth, 
 but I could not tell if it was my heart warming the crow,
or the crows heart warming mine.

I made the below book, called 'Yes No Maybe Crow', as a way of playing with the unconscious processes of my dream. 
I had lots of fun and very much enjoyed the absurdity of what came up.
I hope you will too....

(behind each door there is a word, do not tell anyone it is a secret)

I am selling a limited edition of 10 copies only of this art book. 
Each copy has my drawings and collages printed on archival paper. 
All text is typed using a type writer individually on each copy.
The book is bound by hand using red thread in accordion style. 

The cost is £40.00 for an original piece of handmade art.

If you are interested then drop me a wee email me on emmaparkerartist@gmail.com, I am happy to accept paypal. 

Here I am:

Sorry haven't been around much. Life has just got in the way of making art. This displeases me greatly.... Oh.

Anyways, here I am, back, giving you an update of what's happened in my world today. Which luckily involved some art shenanigans.... 

Here is my little studio, oh how I've missed you....

Today's play involved an old magazine and a knife....

And also meeting a taxidermy stag at my local tattoo parlour.....

Say hello to my new tattoo....

and a sketch on the endless craving of desire....

and lastly please remember to hang your raincloud out on the line to dry....

I'm pretty sure that's it for now, over and out....

nobody is home:

Found images (from vintage photos/books/magazines), image transfer onto fabric and then stitch.....

open studio: closed studio

Well it has been a busy old few weeks but also a great experience with my first open studio at ASC studio's Kingston, as part of the Kingston Open Arts. I have included some pictures of my open studio below so you get a flavour of it. I met some fantastic people and I am really grateful for all the support I received from family and friends. I sold some work and feel super fired up creatively now! Thank you xxx



articles of identity:

As some of you know I have been working on this project for a while. It has now developed into a hand stitched fabric book and will be part of a series called 'Articles of Identity'. This will be shown during  Kingston Artist Open Studios which starts next week as part of the Kingston Art Trail!